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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogging Tip: When To Post On Social Media

Hey there readers! I hope all is going well in your world. Today I am going to help you out a little and share a blogging tip I have learned.

Now if you keep up with my weekly link love posts, you will catch on that I am a huge fan of infographics. I don't know why but I am seriously so obssessed with them! I have to slip one every week into my weekly link posts! Anyways, I figured I would share an infographic that has helped me out a lot.

Social media is key to promoting and marketing your blog and/or business. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Fourquare, Instagram, you name it! Everybody is connected on these social media platforms! Just look at how much of an impact they make!

Enjoyed this infographic? Check out and explore our  zip code and area code directories.

I know I am not setting a great example right now but the timing of your posts and promotions make an impact on the amount of traffic you will recieve and how much exposure your page will gain. Luckily I saw this when I first started blogging and it has helped me tremendously! 

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

So I hope the information I have provided you will help out and with your social media presence. I love reading your comments! Tell me how you handle your social media presence and how much of an impact it has made on our society!

Disclaimer: I did not make any of the infographics on the page. I pulled these off of other websites!

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