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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What happened to Maddie Bug and I??

HELLO LOYAL READERS! Yes I have been away for some time! I don't think I have done a blog post in over a week... Yikes! This post will cover me explaining my reasoning's on why my blog has been M.I.A. A lot of things have happened in our life.

First off... FINALS ARE HERE! I have been busy studying my little tail off. My first final is on Friday and I have tests all the way till Thursday of next week! But good news is after finals, I will have a little break so I will be able to blog as much as my little heart desires!

One sad part of being off the radar is.. Justin lost his job. They started laying off a lot of people and he was one of the ones that got cut. So we have been busy dealing with that. It has been pretty hard since it hit so close to the holidays but we are still hanging in there. On the plus side, he did happen to get a job, yesterday in fact. He still has to do a drug test and background check and we should be all good to go!

But back to good news right?? No need to tell you a sap story! I have been busy keeping up with Maddie Bug because she is.....


Yes my little bug is on the move and it has been a crazy, hectic experience so far!! She is in everything and she goes just about anywhere. We can't take our eyes off of her for 5 seconds!!! 

It has definitely been a crazy past couple of weeks! I hope after my finals, I will be able to blog a lot more and don't worry I am still doing my weekly links sometime this week!

Wish me luck on finals and I truly hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Much love,

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