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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Social 7/7/2014

I know I have not posted in A WHILE! I happened to have a little time on my hands today so I figured I should dust off my keyboard and come back to the good ol' blog.

1. Favorite genre of music?
Hmm tricky because I can honestly say I enjoy all types of music. I suppose my favorites would be along the lines of pop such as Sara Bareilles or Erin McCarley.

2. Favorite genre of movies?

Romance comedies for sure! I enjoy a good love story with some laughter!

3. Do you watch reality tv?

Besides the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bubble Guppies I have to endure, yes I do like some good reality tv.

4. Actress you'd want to be BFF's with?

My girl Demi Lovato for sure! She's an all around real good who deals with actual issues I myself go through like self image and insecurity. The only difference is she has a killer voice!

5.  Actor you'd be happy to be stuck on an island with?

CHARLIE HUNNAM. Can you say hubba hubba?? ;) I don't know what use he would be besides a nice view and hearing that beautiful accent he was so conveniently blessed with!
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life Lately

So I have recently been off my blogging game. Life came and got the best of me. Some good things have happened and some bad things have happened but right now I can honestly say we are content at the moment and making the most of things. I won't go into great detail but I will go in chronological order of all the things that have been happening.

Madison turned ONE!

Yes I am quite sad that I didn't make a one year update post of my precious Maddie bug. But it was a joyful time nonetheless. It was Minnie mouse themed and lots of people came out to celebrate. She was quite the entertainment.

Oh and she got a Minnie mouse doll that she was super excited about!

Mommy is due with Baby Numero DOS!

For all the people who do not understand a lick of spanish, I am pregnant AGAIN! As of today I am 18 weeks. I kept quiet about it to a lot of people for a long time but word is starting to come out that Maddie is going to be a big sister. It will be a struggle but everyday I thank the Good Lord up above for giving me the gift of having children. Cross your fingers for a boy!

We moved...

Into my parents house temporarily. With Justin losing his job and not finding a decent job to stay in the place we were at, we had to leave. It was a hard decision and one that was hard to make. I am forever grateful for my parents. They opened their home to us and have been helpful in whatever we need to help us get back on our feet. It has been wonderful having some extra help with Maddie since I am constantly exhausting from being a human crockpot.

We got jobs!

Yes we both got jobs so hopefully we can start saving some money and get ahead of the game. 

So yes that sums up the past 3 or 4 months. Short, sweet, and to the point. We have gone through some rough patches but what family hasn't? We all struggle in different ways, I guess it just depends on how we handle it. I prayed and prayed and then took action and control of my life. This has definitely been an experience for me. I'm just hoping that things go up from here and that I am able to learn something to pass on to Maddie when she is older and faces struggles.

I'm hoping to continue blogging especially with my current preganancy. It will definitely be a rollercoaster ride guys! Until then much love,

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My February Favorites!

 Hey guys, I saw this link up yesterday morning and I just now had the chance to sit down and do it. On the last Wednesday of each month, these ladies discuss they're favorite things throughout the month! I thought it was neat and really wanted to do it! So here it goes..

Must Have Skinny Jeans in Eggplant from Forever 21

Okay so I am pretty sure I wore these pants like once a week... DON'T JUDGE! Sorry but I was in love with the color and they were super comfy! And also amazingly affordable at $15.80!!! 

Maybelline Baby Lips

I know this was in my top 5 beauty posts but I felt I had to put this as one of my February favorites since I used it constantly! Perfect for the cold weather!


Yes as insane and eerily crazy this show is, I am quite the fan. I started watching this on Netflix. I am still on the first season but so far it has got me hooked!

Favorite Post!

My sweet Maddie Bug turned 11 months recently and it is my favorite post of the month. Her personality is definitely becoming more defined and you can tell in the pictures I uploaded! You can read the post HERE!!!!

Favorite Quote

Saw this quote on facebook and anyone who has children will understand. Nothing will ever come close to the love of your children. No jewelry, money, clothes, etc. will ever come close to the joy I receive when Maddie wraps her arms around me.

So those are my favorite things. I'm hoping that I will have more next month since I will be a little more prepared. But it was fun to reflect back on this past month. Be sure to check out the link by clicking on the button at the top of the post!

Much love,
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Link Love 2/20/2014

Definitely something to think about

Love this quote! Be patient ladies!

I may be weird but this was fairly entertaining!

How darling is this chair?? I WANT IT!!!

I think this will be my summer hair!

Infographic about social media in 2013

Totally have the supplies to do this project

This seems simple enough!

And of course an amusing page of gifs that will have you on the floor!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My FIRST Citrus Lane Box

Hey readers! So yesterday I came home from class and found that I recieved my first Citrus Lane box! It also came on the day Maddie turned 11 months so they are already getting extra brownie points from me right now!

If you don't know what Citrus Lane is, I will do a quick summary. Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box where they send 4 to 5 items tailored towards your child's age and gender. The boxes start at around $21 a box depending on the type of subscription you decide to go with. If you are interested, click on this link and I can get $20 worth of credits and YOU get half off of the first box and shipping is free! Sounds like a good deal huh?

The card that came with the box reads:
February is the time of year when we ask ourselves-is winter over yet? Not quite... but we've put together items that we hope will brighten up the dismal weather. We're so excited to bring you a beautiful shape sorter from Plan Toy's, a unique feeding item from Boon, something to read at bedtime, and a special treat for Mom. See you in the spring!

Also I apologize in advance about the low quality pictures. They were taken from my iPhone and I was in a rush. Busy supermom over here!

Bedtime Rhymes from Barefoot Books 

I am really excited about starting up a book collection for Maddie. I loved this book. It has the traditional stories written as poems. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful. I will definitely start reading these before she goes to bed.

Pulp Teething Feeder from Boon

I have actually been meaning to get one of these to give her fruits or veggies without worrying about choking on the seeds. It has a silicone cover and BPA free. The tiny holes help to allow only small pieces and the juice to come in. Maddie really loves limes and lemons (I have no clue why she does), so this will be great to stick some cold limes in without worrying about seeds. I believe this will help in introducing a new variety of fruits. It's easier to clean than those mesh feeders and it is easier for her to grip.

Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream from Juice Beauty

I was happy I got a little treat in my box! This product smells so amazing!!! It felt great and it is organic so that is a plus! This hand cream is formulated to minimize fine lines, help age spots, and keep hands soft during the winter months.

Shape Shorter from Plan Toys

I LOVE this toy for Maddie. She tends to lose a lot of her toys but I love that the shapes are attached to a cord on the toy so no pieces go missing. This is a great on the go toy since everything is attached to one another. This will definitely help with fine motor and problem solving skills! See, she loved it!

What I payed: $20.00
Value of box: $36.48

I was definitely pleased with my first box. The value exceeded the price I paid for the box. Maddie definitely enjoys all her new things. So if you are interested, here is the link again! Remember, you get 50% off your first box through me!

Much love,
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