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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly Link Love 11/21/2013

Hola readers! Yes I know, I apologize yet again for not posting as much! It truly has been hectic in our world. Finals are coming up and lots of things have happened! Have no fear, I am still providing you with my favorite topic to blog about... LINKS!! So enjoy!

I wanted these nails so my talented friend Ashley attempted these for me and this was the end product

I am seriously obsessed with infographics. I really do find them interesting and informative.

These ideas are sheer GENIUS!

If you are a Starbucks fanatic like myself, than this article is for you!

I would love for my room to look like this

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone should know about this good cause

Here is a public service announcement for college girls!

A beautiful letter everyone should read

Totally doing this easy decoration

I would LOVE to get this tattoo

Pretty sure I will be attempting this recipe next week!

Next week will be the THANKSGIVING edition of the weekly link love series! If you have any Thanksgiving related recipes, crafts, ideas, or posts send them my way and you may get featured!! My weekly link series gains the most traffic so you will gain page views!! It is guaranteed!! I will be posting the Thanksgiving edition a little early. I am thinking on Tuesday so that people will see it before Thursday! Feel free to email me your posts! Can't wait to see your links! :)

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