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Monday, November 18, 2013

8 Month Update

Another month has passed by here! Little Madison Grace is a whopping 8 months! With the holiday season, the never ending amount of studying and school time, and just being a housewife on top of everything is definitely making the time go by so fast.

Madison's personality is really becoming more defined! She is silly, funny, social, and very active. I can hardly get her to take naps and when she does, it's about 20 minutes. Just long enough for her to charge her batteries!

We are still working on crawling. I have a feeling she may not crawl but she still manages to get to where she needs to go whether it is scooting on her bottom or army crawling.

My guess is that she weighs around 17 pounds (give or take). Our next appointment will be her 9 month checkup. Still no teeth yet but you can tell that they are fixing to cut through at any moment!

New things that she is doing is smacking her lips, waving to people, and shaking her head no.

Maddie absolutely loves to play and be outdoors just about all day!

This month has been so much fun! Her motor skills are increasing, she is becoming very mobile, trying new foods, experienced her first Halloween, and just being an absolute joy! Can't wait to see how much she has developed when 9 months roll around!

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