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Friday, November 1, 2013

Madison's First Halloween!

Good afternoon readers! Yes I am doing two posts in one day! I was going to wait to share this on Monday but I decided to go ahead and post! I just wanted to share our Halloween pictures! Madison went as....


I was having trouble deciding what I wanted her to be. We received this dress this past weekend and I thought that I could possibly put together Maddie's Halloween costume with merely a couple of dollars! Seriously all I did was buy red yarn at Michaels and wah-lah! Everybody thought she was the cutest!

And we even went with a friend. Maddie was trying to grab her friend's ears the whole time! Typical Maddie... That girl can never sit still!

And then of course we met up with Daddy as soon as he got off work!

It was such a great first Halloween for our Maddie Bug! She had such a great time and was on her best behavior the whole night! :)

Much love,
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