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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Long time no see!

Well I am sitting here at school and I am thinking I should put in a blog post. I've been meaning to get back into my blogging but other things in my life have become a little bit more relevant. These past 2 months has been a definite up and down roller coaster. But that happens right? Every family has to go through some bumps in the road. It looks like we are back on the right track though so fingers crossed they stay that way!
So what has been happening? Well Justin has a new job and it has been good. He works a little less but it is good in a way in the sense that we have had more family time. Money and finances have stressed us out but we are in a good place again so things have been a little calmer.

Madison is growing like crazy. She is doing new things every single day. The one year mark is coming upon us. She will be 11 months in just about 2 weeks. So crazy! She is crawling everywhere, standing up on things, pointing, waving bye bye, babbling away, and almost standing on her own. She constantly brings more joy every day. I think she has helped Justin and I from completely losing our minds recently. Madison is a constant reminder of why we love one another and why we loved each other in the first place.

School is going well. I am taking 15 hours this semester! WHOOOO! I don't know how I am going to survive but I have faith and determination that I will get this done and hopefully still get my bachelors in December and get me a big girl job!

So that is what has been going on in a nutshell! I hope my readers will stick with me and I can still continue to let you glimpse into my little world. My purpose for this blog is to record my journey through my life as a mom while continuing to go to school and working. I also want my blog to be helpful for other moms whether it comes to time management, recipes, play ideas, ways to save money, or just plain encouragement to get you through the tough times. I have been through some lately and trust me ladies, it does get better.

For my followers who are reading this, thanks for sticking by. For the new readers who have happened to stumble upon my page, welcome! Don't be afraid to contact me about advice or topics you want me to talk about. This blog is not only for me. It is for YOU, the reader, as well!

So don't be shy, say hello down in my comments! I would love to be more involved in the blogging community so be friendly! 

Much love, 
Maddie Bug and I

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