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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wayback Wednesday

It's crazy to think that this was Madison exactly one year ago today.. Now that her birthday is arriving on me, I am always thinking about what I was doing that previous year. Mainly because my life before her seems like a long lost memory. Crazy to look back and see how things have changed in the period of a year.

There was her cute little face just hanging out and this is her now...

Crazy right?? She's getting too big and too sassy now for her own good! Haha!

And this picture just flat out makes me want to cry... Look at how long my hair was!!!! That is just crazy long. I sure do miss it but I will get my long locks back again!

So tomorrow is the weekly links and it will be Valentine themed! OOOO LA LA! If you have any valentine related posts such as recipes, ideas, DIY, etc., just send them my way and I will put them in the post. Those posts are where I get most of my traffic so it will definitely help you out in traffic and views! 


The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hope you have a happy hump day! Much love,

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