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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Link Love! YAYYY!!!

Ahh so excited to get back to my weekly series that I treasured so dearly before I took my "unofficial hiatus" from blogging. This is definitely one of my favorite things. You get a glimpse of what exactly interests me or sparks my interest while also giving you a chance to explore new things or ideas, discover something you love, be inspired, or to just have a good laugh. I post a little bit of everything so enjoy and share with me some interesting links as well! :)

When you just can't say no, just try these suggestions

For some reason, I was so interested in this world clock (I spent almost an hour on this page...Seriously...)

Having trouble coming up with date night ideas? Here are some nifty and unique ideas

This video gave me a good laugh!

Cute and possibly very simple nail design

What a cute idea for your fridge!!!

Absolutely love this outfit! Perfect for work!

Check out this Valentine's wreath



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