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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Coca Cola Commercial Thoughts

Good morning! Hope everyone is having a marvelous hump day. I am afraid that I may upset some of you with this post but I feel like it's something I would like to talk about, discuss, and read some opinions about. Yes I am giving my two cents about the Super Bowl Coca Cola commercial. For those who didn't catch the video, you can watch below..

Okay so you have watched it, absorbed the material, collected your thoughts and opinion right? Unless you have been living under a rock (which maybe some people are which is okay, to each their own), there has been quite a stir about this commercial. It was a topic of discussion in my International Business class yesterday and of course I gave my opinion in there too no matter how many glares or dirty looks I received.

Some people are saying that it was a beautiful showcase of the diversity in our country. Some people are appalled that this commercial would disgrace a national song in such a way...

People, let's remember that this country was BUILT on immigration. This country started by a group taking another group's land and claiming it as their own. It started with immigrants and you know what, there are immigrants still here. Unless you are a Native American, this is technically not your native land. You were born from a family of immigrants. Last time I checked or heard, the United States actually does not have an "official language". Yes it would be easier for everyone to speak one language but honestly that's not possible at the moment. English is the hardest language to learn. Ask my mom!!!

Our country is getting more and more diverse. Some people are not willing to accept it and they want things to stay the same. Which they are entitled to want that if that is what they wish. Unfortunately what they wish for is highly unrealistic. We are living in a fast changing diverse world and I have accepted that and embraced it.

I believe the commercial was great. I am still an avid coca cola drinker and I will always be (even if they piss me off, I'm too addicted!!!) and honestly it was an excellent and very realistic view of our country.

So what are your thoughts on the commercial? I would love to hear even if we agree or not! :)

Much love,
Maddie Bug and I

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