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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello bloggers! So I have been contemplating these past couple of days just how exactly I want to go about this blog. I also wanted to make sure I have a way to post at least once a day Monday- Friday. So I decided to come up with some themes for each day to keep myself motivated to stick with this blog. There are some days I may get busy with life and will not be able to post but I will try my hardest to really be fun and interactive and let ya'll know a little about me and get a glimpse of my everyday life.

Inspirational Mondays: This day I will post something that will be inspirational and get your week started in the right direction. Whether it be a bible quote, a heart warming story, or just some picture I quote that I believe is inspiring. Monday's don't have to be so dreadful!

My two cents Tuesdays: I would really like to start reviewing things. Whether it be baby items, recipes, books, tv shows, music, anything that is happening in the world at the time! I would love for all of you to send me suggestions of what you want me to give my opinion on! If no one sends me anything, I will just pick something randomly, review, and give my honest opinion! :)

Wacky Wednesday: On Wednesdays I will post a funny picture and ask you to caption. Just something fun on hump days and to keep our sanity through the week!

Tips for Maddie Thursdays: On this day I will write a letter to Madison on basically everything that is going on at the time. This will be venting time and lucky for ya'll, you will be able to witness my venting! Sometimes I go stir crazy since Justin now works 16 hour shifts so my only communication companion is Madison and she can't talk!

Featured Blog Friday: On this day I will feature a blog that I have found interesting during the week. Let's all help promote and find really interesting blogs!

So yeah, that is what I have come up with so far. I may tweak and change things every now and then. And this doesn't mean that that is the only thing I will post. If I feel the need to post anything else, I will post. My posts are not limited to my day to day themes. So just let me know, yay or nay?

Happy Blogging!

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