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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How I became a mom

So by starting a blog, I feel the need to post my story on how exactly I transformed into what people call a mom!

Obviously we have to begin on when I met maddie bug's dad. I came from a small town where everybody knew everybody. I actually lived one street over from Maddie's dad, whose name is Justin btw. We rode the same bus. I didn't really pay him a lot of attention but it was when I was in 5th grade was the first time we talked to each other. I was sitting by myself on the bus, he decided to sit next to me and we just chatted away. At that young of an age, I could already feel an odd connection. Mainly because he was so easy to talk to and we were interested in the same things. Then he pulled some tricks. He asked what time I got off the bus and asked for my number and told me he would call me at that time to make sure I got home okay. What a little player huh? And sure enough I gave him my number and he called me. We talked for a good hour then I had to get off the phone.

Next time I talked to him was my junior year of high school. He was dating one of my best friends so we all decided to go on a double date with my boyfriend at the time. We all went to the drive inn. I remember chatting with him every so often but nothing major really. After that though, I would chat with him about his relationship since they were having some issues. That next week, my boyfriend had broken up with me and him and my friend were done too. So we started talking about our frustrations with one another. He was easy to talk to just like on the bus many years ago. During our talks, sparks were starting to fly for me so we started going out on dates. Here is a picture from our first date!
Two weeks later, he asked me to be his girlfriend in my year book on May 30, 2008. And that's where our romance started.

It would be nice to say that we just never broke up and we were the perfect highschool sweetheart couple but it wasn't. We were very young and dumb at times. We had our issues but we did have some very good memories. Memories I could never experience with any other person in the world. 

 We lasted together for a year before we called things off. We needed our time apart as he started to get mixed in with the wrong crowd and I was heading off for college.

So we went our separate ways without each other. We experienced two different worlds. We dated other people. In December of 2009 I got a collect call from a jail and low and behold it was Justin. We hadn't communicated since we broke up so it was quite shocking to hear from him. He called and asked how I was doing and we chatted. I ended up writing him a letter since he seemed to be down. He got out at the end of the month. I saw him a couple of days after he released and old feelings came back. So we started our relationship again on New Years of 2010.

Things were going good but I had to go back to college so next came our trust issues. Long distance relationships take work. We were constantly on and off from then on and naturally he went back to mixing with the wrong group of people. He lands in jail again and this time he was in for a year. At the time he went back we were not together but working on things. Because he was the love of my life I waited... And waited... And waited.... for a whole year.

It was a tough year but we eventually made it through but it wasn't all sunshine and happiness. We fought CONSTANTLY. And we were still struggling with trust. I was still in college and he was still back in our hometown. We were still on and off and we finally said we were both done for good in June 2012... or so it seemed...

Yet again we lasted 2 weeks apart until we started talking again and it was just in time because that week I found out that I was....
After that test we sat down and really discussed all of our issues. It was time to be serious about our relationship and get the love back that had been lost over the years. I know some people will argue that a baby will not fix a relationship but honestly, it fixed ours for the absolute better... We knew we needed to suck it up and stop being so stubborn towards each other. It was a new start for us as a family. And so my pregnancy began...

My pregnancy was decent. I had all day sickness all day my entire pregnancy but I never had any problems. Our sweet Madison grew right on track and we welcomed Madison Grace Knudsen on March 18th, 2013 at 4:19 pm. She was 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. She was perfection and the greatest gift to ever come into our lives..

And so this is where our story is now. Never would I have imagined that the boy that sat by me on the bus would be the future father of my child or that I would go through so much. Our relationship is not perfect, never have and never will. But our bond has strengthened even when we thought it weakened. We have had our arguments and fights since Madison has been born but we are completely happy with where we are and how far we have come. I have a family and I am happy.

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