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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two cent Tuesdays: Relying on Social Networks for Medical Advice

Well it's my first two cent Tuesday!! Man am I excited. A time where I can give my honest opinion and I have an opinion on a lot of things. I mean I am what they call a "woman". I can have an opinion on just about anything but I am very understanding that every opinion is different so before I start I might as well enclose a...


Okay so with that being said I am free to start with no worries in the world. This subject is something that I experience everyday when I log into my social networks (Facebook especially).

Moms who rely on asking medical advice about EVERYTHING on Facebook rather than picking up the phone and talking to their pediatrician! I can understand a couple of questions here and there where you ask other moms what they thought of a certain product or advice on other methods, advice if you disagree with what your pediatrician suggests, or if all of your Facebook friends are members of The American Academy of Pediatrics. If it is constant and it is something that can easily be answered by a pediatrician then I will be a slightly annoyed and blog about it :)

I am not ashamed at all to talk to my doctor or the nurses. They went to medical school for a reason, spent lots of hour studying the curriculum to help and answer any questions, and lots of money for school I am sure! So let's make it worth their while. They are here for a reason... to help! I am sure it wasn't easy for them to get that PhD, to study those long countless hours, to miss all those college "gatherings", or basically having no social life for 8 years. 

Yes it is great to get other mom's opinions on things but I would always consult a physician first. And then from there, go with my instinct. YOU know your child best. YOU know what works best for your child. YOU harbor those mother instincts. What works for others may not be the best option. Go with your instinct.

So those are my two cents of the day! Remember my two cents Tuesdays are not entitled to just rantings. ;) It can be anything from reviewing products to addressing a topic. Anything YOU want me to talk about, I will do. Send me suggestions for next week readers :)

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