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Monday, September 30, 2013

A change.

So I did a very scary thing on Friday. It was approximately 11:00 am that I walked into the hair salon and cut off..... 9 INCHES OF MY HAIR!!!



I have only had short hair ONCE in my lifetime (excluding when I was born!) I sure did rock that Matilda haircut!

I sure am loving how much easier and quicker it is for me to get ready in the mornings especially with a teething 6 month old who needs my undivided attention at all hours of the day! I just felt like I needed a boost of confidence and just do a total change! Everyone in my life knew I was getting my hair done, they just didn't know I was going to chop it all off. This is something I debated on doing for so long and I was afraid they would talk me out of it. I plan on growing my hair out long again and next time do a donation to Locks of Love. Maybe next time I can donate 10 inches!

So what do ya'll think? Do ya'll like long or short hair better? What are the favorite things about your hair? Hope ya'll like my new do! Have a happy Monday!

Much love,
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