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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Freshman Zoe..

As the title of becoming a “super senior” starts to sink in, the amount of time I think about my entrance to college increases. Good moments and frustrating moments have occurred. Bumps along the way (literally!) and winding roads have been experienced. Now that I am at this point in time, I really do wish I could confront my younger self and tell her what I know now.

The first thing I would tell her is that…..
You don’t know what you want to do. Even on this very day, you are still somewhat confused. It’s probably because you are scared that you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. That thought of getting a pre-med degree is going to change. You will switch to Nursing and then on to Psychology. You will be quite content with Psychology for a while but then you are going to change again. You will transform into a Business Administration student. What you should have done is just gone into college Undecided. You really didn’t know who you were. You could have saved a lot of time and money by just going in Undeclared. You should have just dipped your toes in the water before diving into numerous pools before you found the one that fit the temperature you desire.

You think you know who your friends are but trust me, you don’t. The people you went to high school with will fade away in time. It will take some getting used to. You will go through different groups of friends until you find the ones who will stay with you through your troubling times. Here’s a hint… One of your closest friends will be in your orientation group. You won’t make that connection at first but wait a semester. Oh and another will not like you at first because you annoyed her on the duck camp bus. But don’t worry, you will become very close. She will be your first roommate off campus.  (Oh and don’t trust your first roommate on campus!!! You will think you have the most awesome roomie but you don’t)

Justin will always be in your life. He will be absent that first semester of college, but don’t worry he makes his way back in. There is a reason that nothing ever feels right.

GO TO CLASS!! Trust me you will get nap time and you can always watch Gossip Girl later… Oh and by the way Dan is Gossip Girl. There! Now get to that Algebra class that you end up taking 4 times until you finally get a B…

Don’t hate the dorms or the dining hall. You will miss those places as soon as you start living on your own. You never had to pay rent, bills, and food. Everything was always there. The Dining Hall was BUFFET STYLE!!!!! Take advantage of it. But watch your figure! That freshman 15 will hit you!

You will get pregnant… DON’T be scared. Remember how I told you that Justin makes his way back in…? Yeah, there is your baby daddy right there! Please trust me that everything will be fine. I know you will still be scared, that’s natural. You will feel that things are falling apart when in reality; you are on a journey to the best moments of your life. I won’t tell you the gender because you should be surprised still. I will tell you this…. That dream you have will come true. This baby will bring you so much joy, happiness, and motivation. Your child is the happiest thing and thinks the world of you and Justin.

One last thing… Enjoy it! Enjoy everything. Enjoy life! Just live, don’t worry about what is yet to come. All things will work out. Everything happens for a reason. You have some pretty amazing people in your life right now. Don’t worry about the little things along the way. As for the big things, it is a learning experience. Just keep your head up and keep on flashing that smile. Relax and live my darling... xo
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  1. I love this post! I wish I could go back and tell my college self to relax and you will find love! You bump is so cute!!

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  2. What a lovely idea. You've got me thinking about what I would tell my younger self.
    (Stopping by via Friendly Friday)