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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Amber Teething Necklace

So the inevitable teething stage has hit our household. Lots of drooling, high fevers (Maddie had a 101 temperature the other day!), rashes from the drool, and just an all out cranky bug. I'm always so scared when I have to give Maddie medicine. It makes my heart break when I have to give it to her in the first place but you also have to keep a close eye on how they take to the medicine, especially since they can't necessarily tell you if there is anything wrong.

Drugs may help with the pain but they are processed like toxins in your baby's liver. In fact, the Journal of Pediatrics reported a case study that shows that parents were unknowingly causing liver failure in their children after 10 days of store bought child pain killers. These products merely mask the pain and are unhealthy.

So lately I have been seeing a lot of infants wearing this necklace and of course I creep on people's Facebook pictures and see that they explain that it helps with teething.. What?? I felt it kind of odd that a necklace can help make pain go away. Well I decided to use my trusty "googling" skills to use. After that, I saw how logical it could be.

 Amber teething necklaces is a natural remedy that helps soothe the pain associated with teething. It was traditionally used by the Europeans. Amber is used in many pain remedies. Amber is a natural analgesic and when worn on the skin, it releases healing oils that helps babies and young children to stay calm and more relaxed throughout teething. 

So I finally bought Maddie a necklace from a local lady who sells them where I live. Her facebook page is Libbys Bowtique I did a little experiment. Maddie was extremely cranky one morning but I wanted to wait and see if it actually made a difference. I put the necklace on her at noon. There was an immediate difference! I had my happy Maddie Bug back! She was calmer, wanted to play more, and even took an hour nap for me! Here are some pictures of her modeling her new jewelry!

So yes I do recommend the amber necklace and I swear by them. When she has the necklace on, it is an instant change. You do have to supervise them when they wear the necklace. Do not let them sleep with the necklace on. This is a great one time purchase and an awesome baby gift for someone you know!

Remember I love reading your comments and hearing about your personal experiences as well! Have any of you moms tried the necklace and have ya'll been successful or no? I heard it can be different for some children.

Much love,
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