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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekly Link Love

So last Thursday I had a post of links to random web pages that have sparked my interest throughout the week. A lot of people enjoyed it and it had the most traffic of all my posts that week. So I have decided to keep it going to see if it gains more popularity. Maybe this could be the start of me starting my very own first ever blog link up. I would really love for ya'll to join in on the fun!

Oh how I wish that I had a garden to be able to do this!

How totally awesome is this mirror nail polish?

I am so trying this hairstyle once my hair gets long again!

I definitely want to do this idea when Madison turns one!

I totally agree with this quote!

I love this mother daughter tattoo

How amazing is this artist?

Check out this lesson on self improvement!

Check out these awesome fonts that I used for my post button!

My weekly song obsession

I would absolutely LOVE it if ya'll made a link list like mine! I have a blast discovering new things on the internet. If you do a post like mine, leave a link in the comment section and I will definitely check it out! Maybe if I get enough links, I will consider turning this into a blog link up! Much love,
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