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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Link Love

Hello readers! Well we are so much closer to Friday! I am definitely ready for the weekend. 

So I tend to just browse a lot of random things on the web when I have a break in between classes. I figured I would share some cool pages with ya'll. If it gains enough interest and traffic, it would be a really great weekly series for me! Hope you enjoy!

So I have been completely obsessed with this cover song

For anyone who has a little girl... You HAVE to check out this etsy shop

I found this recipe a year ago and this was the first actual meal I made for Justin. It is a definite household favorite!

Why aren't we all doing THIS?!?!

This is one of the many reasons I love Fall

I want NEED this outfit in my closet!

Love this quote

I saw this yesterday and I thought it was very humorous!

I would love Maddie to be this for Halloween!

Hope ya'll enjoyed! Like I said, if there is a good response from this, I will do it again next week! 
Much love,
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