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Monday, October 21, 2013

Your line.

So I was planing on having this great up tempo motivational post for you all today... But sometimes life can throw some curve balls your way. I won't go into specific detail about the situation since it's not necessarily my place to say. Let's just say Justin is going through a rough time.

The situation was brought to my attention as I was starting this post the first time. I contemplated about even posting something today but I decided to go ahead with some changes that corresponds with recent happenings in our world over here.

So if you are a Glee fanatic like me, you will know that they did the Cory Monteith farewell episode. Through the tears and heartfelt songs, there was a key message in this episode. 

Between the year of birth and the year of death, there is a line. That line represents your whole life and what it entailed. How crazy that your life is measured in a little line. 

How do you see your line? Has is been everything you wanted? Do you wish you were more adventurous? Do you wish you would have been more serious or that you didn't jump at more opportunities? Do you wish you were more careless or wish you could say what was on your mad? Are you satisfied or do you long for change?

So what will you do with your line? Will you do things differently after today or stay the same? How do you want people to see your line after you are gone? However you feel about your line, do something about it now!

Things can happen in the blink of an eye. I'm sorry that you had to read an oxymoronic post. This post is supposed to be motivational. Why am I turning this into a somber event? Because I want every one of you to make the most of your lines. Yes it's Monday and everything may be ticking you off but embrace the day and the joy of living.

In light of recent events, I won't be posting as much this week. I appreciate your understanding. If you could, I ask you to send some prayers of emotional healing towards Justin. Thank you so much!

Much love,
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