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Friday, August 16, 2013

4 Baby Essentials Every Mother Needs

When I was pregnant, I had absolutely no clue on what you truly needed for a baby. I was having a girl so my main focus was having clothes and bows and creating the perfect nursery (which actually turned out pretty perfect). But I was pretty clueless on what I should have been focusing on! So if your an upcoming new mom or looking for baby shower gifts, I will show you what items have helped keep my sanity in good condition. Now I am sure there are many other amazing, must have products, but these are items that I have found helpful or useful!

Swaddle Blankets

Your baby has spent the past 9 months in the comforting warmth of your womb. All cuddled up and looking oh so comfy and cute in those sonogram pictures right?? Well when they come into the great big world that is not as warm and comforting as your belly (besides Texas of course!), this can serve as an issue. I had trouble getting my daughter to sleep at night that first month. Sure you can swaddle with a blanket but I couldn't ever get the swaddling technique down. So here comes the easy version!! I loved these summer infant swaddle blankets with the velcro. It helps recreate the lifestyle of the womb. Your infant also has the moro reflex at this time where they startle and flail their arms out which can cause them to waken from their sleep. This will help keep their arms restricted.

Gripe Water

That first week, we discovered that Madison had a little issue with colic and gas which made it hard to get her to sleep at times. We didn't necessarily want to medicate her but we needed to do something to help her feel better. So we tried gripe water and it was an INSTANT RELIEF! Gripe water is a natural herbal remedy. It contains no alcohol or gluten and consist of ginger and fennel. Maddie LOVED it and it really helped her a lot. I SWEAR by this product and we still give it to her from time to time if her tummy is feeling upset.


My boppy is MY FAVORITE ITEM! It was easier to breastfeed on. My mother in law loves it to hold Maddie on since it helps prevent her arms from getting tired quickly so she was able to hold her longer which in turn gave me a longer break! Haha :) I have also found it very useful for the beginning stages of tummy time. Your baby's head is the heaviest thing on their body. So on tummy time, the pressure of the floor makes it uncomfortable for them. So I decided to put her on the boppy to start tummy time and it worked! Especially if you want to start tummy time early like I did. I started at one month and she was rolling over by the next week. She didn't want to stay for a long time but she stayed a lot longer on the boppy than she did without. I actually recommended this idea for other moms who were having trouble with tummy time and it in turn worked out for them as well! It also is a good head rest pillow!


Get a swing. Just do it. You may think you don't need it, but you do. This is the only thing Maddie would sleep in the first month. This is actually the same exact swing that I have and it was a lifesaver! It swings, makes music and noises. It's just perfection. Like I said, just get one. Trust me.
I hope this is a source of help for new moms or for others searching for gift ideas! By the way, I was not compensated for anything in this post. This was just something I personally decided to write for my readers. I love reading comments so comment what you think and what items you found essential!

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  1. I loved the swaddlers. They work so much better than receiving blankets and are worth the money. I also loved having a bouncer for baby to sit in. It is portable and can be carried around the house easily. Especially, if you need to take a quick shower, you can place baby in the bouncer while you take a quick shower.