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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My life changing experience of motherhood

As I think back to my thoughts and ideas while I was pregnant, I have found that everything changes as events starts to take place. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was scared but my instincts started to settle in. I vowed to be 100% percent healthy. That was extremely hard when every healthy thing made me sick. I had all day long sickness for 9 months. It seemed only the junk food would settle my upset stomach. How convenient huh? I never really was a chocolate person but all of a sudden I HAD to have chocolate and that is the ONLY thing I wanted on Valentines day. And by the way, I did receive my chocolate and it was too glorious!

I didn't want to get induced and I wanted to go natural as long as I could. I was induced and got that nifty epidural at 5 centimeters.

I vowed to exclusively breastfeed, to never co sleep, and never to get frustrated. I breast fed up to 3 months where I was simply not producing anything for her. I tried fenugreek, pumping, everything! For some reason it didn't work. That first night Maddie did not want to sleep anywhere except in arms close to my warmth so in the bed she went. And I had no idea why I vowed to never be frustrated. It is so difficult to understand why your child is crying. Especially when everything you are doing for them is not working. I found that parenting is a huge guessing game and you just have to do everything until you finally realize what is upsetting them.

It's crazy how all my ideas seemed to change over the course of my journey of pregnancy and motherhood. So with that being said, I say this...

You can try to have a set plan but things can change. Each experience is different. What you believe will happen can reverse on you. Try to have an open mind of other possibilities. Not just with motherhood but with life itself. Don't judge the others who do things differently than you. I may have done things not in my set plan but the experience has changed my thoughts and beliefs and I look at life a little differently now. And I hope you do too

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