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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Randoms for the week

In This Wonderful Life

I am out of coffee and I could REALLY use about a good 3 cups at the moment
School starts next week but because of Tarleton Financial Aid (which is a joke of a department), I have no clue if I have enough money for school. I turned in my FAFSA TWO MONTHS AGO!!! During that time, they have forgotten to put documents in my folder for me to fill out and lost one of my contracts! Talk about FRUSTRATING!!!!!!
So we got Netflix again and I decided to finish up my Gossip Girl obsession. I can't remember where I left off so that means I have to rewatch the ENTIRE show! Aww shucks right??

Maddie is ALMOST sitting up on her own! So excited for her to sit up like a big girl!
Have you tried these sippy bottles? I had never heard of them and gave it to Maddie yesterday! In case you missed it,you can read my personal review of it right HERE!
I can never get enough of my crock pot! I have pot roast cooking at the moment! Yummmm!
We go on vacation NEXT FRIDAY!!!! So excited!! :)
So those are the random thoughts and happenings going on in my world this week! 
Much love from Maddie Bug And I 


  1. I definitely couldn't live without my crockpot! :) My favorite thing to make right now is a beef roast!!!

  2. Love Gossip Girl and Netflix! Your little girl is adorable!!!
    If you ever want a 12 month sippy cup that 98% of the time does not leak get the Tommee Tippee Explora. Seriously, these are our favorite and we already got our daughter who is 6 months her own set! The only time it does leak is due to user error and the pieces were not properly put back in. My son has been using his for over 8 months and had no problems. Ha. Sorry for the information overload but these cups were a life saver for us! Just was visiting from Midweek Randoms Link Up!

    1. Thank you for the info. I definitely want to start stocking up on some GOOD sippee cups! With me being a new time mom, ALL information is essential so thank you for the information overload :)

  3. What a little cutie pie! I am thinkin about gettin Netflix back for Charmed! LOL! I actually just got a crock pot in the last few months and have most assuredly fallen in love with it! Have a great week!

  4. Wow what a busy week you've had!

  5. Maddie is SO CUTE!

    I could definitely go back and watch GG again! I loved it! I actually don't think we finished the last season, so I probably need to do that first!