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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sippy bottle?!?! :)

So I don't know if it's the over excited new mom feeling that I am still experiencing or if I just didn't do a lot of research on baby products. I had never heard anyone talk about these sippy cup transition bottles?? I went to the grocery store real quick on Saturday to grab some chips. As always, I make a quick stroll through the baby aisle. I always go down that aisle even if I know I am not getting anything. So I'm strolling and I see the Avents bottle to sippy cup transition.

I know that you are supposed to start introducing the sippy cup at 6 months. But the sippy part is silicone like a bottle nipple. It is BPA free. The age requirement was 4 months and up and since Maddie just turned 5 months, I decided to give her a gift so I threw it in the basket and decided to try it out!

So after I gave her some cereal this morning, I decided to give her some more formula to finish off and fill up that belly. I was worried she may not take well to the change since I ALWAYS hold her when I am feeding. I never give her a bottle in bed. I always hold her to gain that bonding time. Surprisingly she took the change quite well. 

When I feed her, she grabs the bottle but as soon as I let go, she lets it flop down. So I was wondering if she would actually hold it herself. But once she grabbed the easy grip handles, she didn't let go! She didn't know how to lift it up so at the very end I ended up laying her on the floor so it would be easier for her to lift up.
Here is a close up view of the product
Look no spills!!!

I am very happy that I found these things because I had never heard of them!! I now feel more confident of the upcoming transition to a sippy cup and I think this a great tool to start the transition and a stepping stone to bottle weaning. So now I need to buy more of these and buy the 8 ounce ones! Have any of ya'll tried these bottles? And what brands do y'all like? I LOVE reading your comments so show some love! 


  1. I had gotten something similar for Monkey (I never heard of them before with Lovebug.) But I thought they were pretty nifty too! Ours however leak..uhg

    Found you via Twitter Tuesdays: Following all your social profiles :)

  2. I think this is the only Avent product that I haven't seen in here. I'll definitely look for it 'cause I need one. I didn't think of introducing a sippy cup til they're eight or nine months. Thanks for the info. :)

  3. My youngest will turn 9 next month, so it's been a while since sippy cups have been in the conversation. Before long, you'll have a drawer full, and never the same amount of cups as lids!

    Then comes the sports bottle. That's a new battle i won't go into for you yet!

    Found you through the Pic & Dac swap.