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Thursday, August 1, 2013


Dear Madison,
So this is my first letter to you on my blog. And it is actually an unplanned coincidence that on this very exact day last year, I found out that I was pregnant with you. It is hard to believe how much my life has changed in merely one year. When I saw that test, I was scared beyond belief. Scared to tell your daddy, your grandparents, and the rest of mommy and daddy's family and friends. But everything turned out just fine. It has been quite a year. But you my darling are the best thing to have come along. It's hard to believe that you are already 4 MONTHS OLD! You have been rolling over. You smile at everyone but you do have a very cute pouty face when you are upset or see a stranger because you think mommy and daddy are leaving when you see someone you don't know. You hold your head up so well. You are so strong. You pull mommy's long locks of hair.You are so talkative and lately you have been making some rather weird new noises but they are so funny and they make mommy and daddy laugh. So far you have ate rice, oatmeal, apples, and carrots. Your favorite food so far is carrots. You even started scooting a little just yesterday. It's amazing seeing you doing new things and it happens everyday! You bring me so much joy and happiness. I wish you knew how much but I don't think you will ever truly understand. Yes I have sacrificed lots of things for you (like spending almost my whole 21st year pregnant with you haha!) but I promise it was so worth it.

I hope to be able to write to you every week. Maybe one day you will see them. These letters will always be around for you to read and cherish. If anything were to happen to me, you will always have these. Sad to think about but I always have to make sure because you never what life will hand to you. These will never get burned in a fire or lost in a terrible storm. These will always be on hand.

Everything I have done has been in your best interest, I promise you. You are the light of my life. Life sometimes get stressful and hard but you make my world a better place. Mommy and Daddy cannot imagine a life without you. I hope you know that Maddie Bug.

So keep smiling my dear. Love you more than you know.

Love, Mommy :)

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