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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to school

Well well well... it has been a busy start to the week and I feel that I need to type out my various emotions that I have experienced so far since yesterday. Madison is 5 months old. And out of those 5 months, there has not been a whole day that I have been without her. Until yesterday... 

I have been in a college classroom before so it's not necessarily a new setting for me but it felt like everything was completely different. All I have ever known since Maddie has been born is taking care of her, playing with her, feeding her, changing her, cleaning the house, and taking care of the dogs too. Now I am waking up, feeding her, getting myself presentable, getting Maddie all cute, and taking her to daycare!! And yes a big day like yesterday called for some big hair! That's how it is done in Texas!

It was bittersweet to leave my Maddie Bug. Sweet because I get to go to school to get my degree which benefits her so that I am able to provide more for her. Bitter because everytime I leave, a part of me is missing. Thankfully her first day at daycare went good. Is it weird that I was a little bit disappointed that she seemed really happy to be at daycare? But I know it will be good for her to be around other babies and be able to play and learn.
I was happy to be able to get back to school and finish up my degree. But I kept on always having to check my phone to see her sweet little face.. My classes have all been good so far. Accounting will definitely be the death of me. I'm not the greatest with numbers sometimes. One good thing about things being different is that I am more motivated than ever before. My daughters well being depends on my academic success. So I plan on making sure that I succeed with flying colors!
After classes were done, I was so ready to get back to my favorite little lady and it felt so good!

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