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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three staycation ideas for the family on a budget

During the summer, many families fill up the car or jump on an airplane to find a new destination. While this can be an enjoyable event, some people cannot justify the cost and opt to stay closer to home. Here are three staycation ideas that any family can afford with ease.

Rediscover the city: In many cases, a family will live in the same town for a long time. When living in the same area, one will often forgo to look for fun and exciting activities in their hometown. Luckily, a resident should have no difficulty in finding water parks, rivers, museums and other fun and cheap attractions locally. Upon discovering these places, many residents have a newfound love and respect for their city and often visit the attractions in the future.

Camping: When heading to the outdoors, one can camp and enjoy what nature has to offer. During a camping trip, a family will not spend much money as the fees are usually low and a camper can cook their own meals. After waking up in the morning, one can set out on a hike or day at the lake. This is the perfect opportunity for one to reconnect with nature and have fun with family or friends.

Block party: When getting together with neighbors, one can watch movies and eat home cooked meals. Simply put, a block party is the perfect way to save money while learning more about the neighbors.

These three staycation ideas are great for families of all sizes.

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