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Friday, August 9, 2013

Craft Mania

I never classified myself as the crafty type but as soon as I found out I was a mom, the craft bug entered my body. I have found that it is easier and cheaper to craft your own things instead of buying them. For instance BOWS! As soon as I found out I was having a little girl I started buying hair bows left and right. I then realized how much of Justin's money I was spending... Whoops! But then I sat down and decided to try them out myself... So stinkin simple! And it literally only cost me pennies to make. Then of course I learned to make them more extravagant. And then I learned how to make tutus and even bow holders. Even though I do splurge on custom bows and outfits from time to time! I mean come on I still love the thrill of shopping and buying new things ;) But with that being said I have thought about putting up some tutorials of how I make items for Madison to share. Here are a sample of things I have made!
Maddie's Bow Holder

 Fourth of July bow!


So watch out for some upcoming tutorials and watch my crafting skills expand! Subscribe and STAY CONNECTED on upcoming blog posts! Happy Friday! :)

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