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Friday, August 2, 2013

Featured Friday!

Well we have FINALLY reached the end of the week! TGIF right?? Even though as moms, our jobs never take a break. Sure it's nice to say "Hey it's finally Friday! WOOOHOOOOOO!" even though the phrase doesn't really pertain any meaning since we still have a job to do 24/7.

Anywho, well today is featured Friday, where I feature a blog that has really sparked my interest and I think people should take a look at. For my first featured friday, I chose.....
Honestly, I believe I started following this blog merely yesterday but I have spent so much time on this blog already! This blog has A TON of giveaways and reviews. To earn more entries in the giveaway, you just follow a ton of blogs on facebook, twitter, bloglovin, pinterest, etc. This site has given me more people to follow. I seriously had so much fun entering all the giveaways and reading the fabulous reviews! If you haven't checked out this site already, do so NOW!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. I literally just decided this right now! I have decided to make a page available on my site that will document the many pictures I take of Maddie Bug. I am still so inspired by the video that I posted of the dad that took a one second video of his son everyday from birth to one year. Well I take pictures of Maddie everyday so I'm going to try and put a picture a day of her. So yeah it may take some time but hopefully I can get that up soon! :)

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